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Traditionally mild
Voghiera Garlic PDO: mild by nature.
Refined and never overpowering, Voghiera Garlic PDO adds a special touch to any gourmet dish. Renowned for its sweet taste, delicate and fresh, it is a natural blend of enzymes, vitamins, flavonoids and minerals that together create an aromatic treasure with unique and inimitable genetic traits.
The Product
the History: traditionally mild
Voghiera Garlic PDO, with its authentic taste of tradition, is closely linked to its territory of origin and its inhabitants. It has been grown for many centuries in the fertile plains of the River Po valley near Ferrara, an ecosystem with particular climate conditions that has long had a vocation for garlic cultivation.

Ever since Ferrara was ruled by the Este dynasty between 1288 and 1598, the area of Voghenza, now Voghiera, has in fact been dedicated to the production of vegetables and aromatic herbs, and in particular garlic. After the decline of the Este family, illustrious local landowners who appreciated the value and quality of this fertile terrain, which once lay along the banks of the River Po, continued with the cultivation of garlic, which has survived to the present day.
The light sandy soil of fluvial origin, containing mud and clay, favours a perfect balance between quality and aromatic excellence, giving Voghiera Garlic PDO unparalleled organoleptic characteristics and distinguishing it at the first taste from all other types of garlic.
  • Large Bulbs
  • Roundish Shape
  • Mild Flavour
  • Large Cloves
Simply incomparable.
A luminous and uniform white in colour, with occasional streaks of pink, Voghiera Garlic PDO bulbs are large and have a roundish shape, slightly flattened at the bottom at the point where the roots emerge.

Bulbs are formed by a very compact cluster of only a few large and regular cloves, covered with thin skins that are white or streaked with pink, and curved on the outside.
The flavour of Voghiera Garlic PDO, mild and never too sharp, is accompanied by a typical aroma characterized by the abundant presence of allicin, a powerful bactericide released when garlic cloves are crushed or cut.
Product types
Voghiera Garlic PDO, dried after harvesting using only natural methods, is available on the market in various product types: fresh, shortly after being gathered and with the stem still green; semi-dried, with the stem turning white, but not completely dry; and dried, with the stem and outer and inner skins completely dry.
Voghiera Garlic PDO is available in braided strings from 500 g to 2 kg, in nets from 100 g to 500 g, and in bags from 1 kg to 5 kg.

packs from 100 g to 500 g
packs from 500 g to 2 kg
packs from 1 kg to 5
Cooking with Garlic
Appreciated since ancient times, Voghiera Garlic PDO is a flavouring that gives taste and aroma to a wide variety of both classic and creative dishes.
To maintain all their delicacy intact, garlic cloves can be left whole or with their skins on. To exploit instead their intensely sharp aroma to the full, they can be ground in a mortar, crushed whole or finely chopped with a knife.
Highly conservable, Voghiera Garlic PDO can be stored unaltered for long periods.
Whole garlic bulbs must be hung in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place. As an alternative, garlic cloves can be peeled and then frozen.
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The Consortium
The Voghiera Garlic PDO production area extends for about 80 hectares. It is located in the municipalities of Voghiera, Masi Torello, Portomaggiore, Argenta and Ferrara, and involves about 40 producers.
Voghiera Garlic PDO, obtained from the Voghiera Garlic ecotype, is certified and protected by the Consortium of Voghiera Garlic Producers, founded in 2000 and recognized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Policies.

The European Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status, granted in 2007 and indicated on every pack, together with the name of the grower, guarantees that Voghiera Garlic PDO has been produced and processed only in its official restricted geographical area.
The continual commitment of the consortium and the scrupulous respect of production protocols, from the supply chain to traceability, guarantee the constant quality and origin of the product.
PDO taste from planting to harvest
Garlic is not grown from the seeds produced on the flower stalks, but from single garlic cloves planted directly in the soil. Every year, in fact, between September and November, the best cloves of Voghiera Garlic PDO from the previous harvest are selected manually and planted.
Only the fleshiest cloves, uniform, healthy and suitably heated between 25°C to 35°C for 8 to 10 hours to eliminate humidity, are used for reproduction, and on average between 600 to 1300 kg of garlic cloves are needed for every hectare of land.
The plants mature between early June and late July, when they are harvested. The bulbs and stems, traditionally processed by hand, are dried and then packed in the various formats.
The typical climate of the plains where the plants are cultivated combines with the skills of growers and their fine artisan abilities, handed down from generation to generation, allowing consumers to enjoy a unique product of outstanding quality.
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Consortium of Voghiera Garlic Producers

Registered office:
12/b Viale Bruno Buozzi
44019 Voghiera (FE)
Operative facility:
15/b Via Provinciale
44019 Gualdo di Voghiera (FE)
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