In the kitchen

How to store it

The Voghiera Garlic PDO bulbs are large, roundish, usually white, rarely streaked with pink. Each head of Voghiera Garlic PDO is made up of a few large cloves called bulbils.

Naturally dried, Voghiera Garlic PDO can be purchased fresh, semi-dried and dried, in packaging that varies by composition and quantity.

These include 1 to 5 kg bags, braids and mesh bags that contain three heads of Voghiera Garlic PDO each.

The ideal place to store Voghiera Garlic PDO is a dry and well-ventilated space. The quality, aroma and the characteristic flavour of Voghiera Garlic PDO will not be lost if the peeled cloves are frozen.

How to use it

Since antiquity, garlic has been used to give body and flavour to foods. Voghiera Garlic PDO is the ideal condiment for adding character and aroma to traditional dishes and more creative culinary ideas.

The sweet and delicate taste of Voghiera Garlic PDO is a natural synthesis of enzymes, vitamins, flavonoids and minerals. The characteristic aroma that is released when garlic is crushed and cut is due to the presence of allicin, a powerful bactericide.

To maintain the delicacy, the cloves can be left whole or unpeeled, while to make the most of its intense and spicy aroma they can be ground in a mortar, crushed whole or chopped with a knife.

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